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NEW in Florida Ethics . . .
A trial court did not err in ordering a limited post-trial inquiry by the court concerning possible juror misconduct in a tobacco case . . . (more)  3/24/14   A defendant who admitted under oath that he would enter a guilty plea even if it meant deportation cannot later claim ineffective assistance in entering the plea . . . (more)  3/24/14
A court erred in denying a lawyer’s charging lien on the ground that his efforts at the outset of the case were “dwarfed by the subsequent efforts of successor counsel” . . .  (more)  3/1914   The Fifth DCA imposes 57.105 sanctions on a party and her lawyer, noting that her arguments on appeal were as frivolous as her claim in the underlying case . . . (more)  3/19/14
A trial court erred in denying fees to a public records requestor because the governmental entity's failure to promptly provide the records was not "willful" . . . (more)  3/14/14   Florida Ethics Opinion 12-4, concerning title insurer's audits of lawyers' trust accounts, becomes final . . . (more)  3/14/14
A law firm’s financial relationship with a client’s treating physician is subject to discovery on the issue of bias . . . (more)  3/10/14   A proposal for settlement for $100 payable within 10 days of entry of a dismissal with prejudice is not ambiguous and will support a fee award . . .  (more)  3/10/14
The Florida Supreme Court rules that applicants for admission to the Florida Bar are required to demonstrate that they are legally present in the United States . . . (more)  3/6/14   Payment of a disputed insurance claim, “without more,” after an insured files suit is sufficient to support a fee award under section 627.428 . . .  (more)  3/3/14
A trial court erred in denying a post-trial motion for interviews of jurors who failed to disclose their litigation history . . . (more)  2/27/14   A videotaped interview of a minor victim of a sexual battery may have to be produced to the convicted defendant under the public records laws . . .  (more)  2/27/14
A newly-appointed judge may continue to “disk jockey” a show on a commercial radio station, per the Judicial Ethics Advisory Committee . . . (more)  2/23/14   The Fifth DCA observes that a spouse’s offensive conduct during litigation, not during the marriage, may support section 57.105 sanctions . . . (more)  2/20/14
The Florida Bar adopts “Guidelines” that severely restrict lawyers’ ability to advertise their past results . . . (more)  12/23/13   A federal suit is filed against the Florida Bar challenging the constitutionality of its advertising rules . . . (more)  12/23/13
The Florida Supreme Court adopts a “Code for Resolving Professionalism Complaints” effective immediately . . . (more)  4/7/13   The Florida Supreme Court approves major revisions to the lawyer advertising rules, including regulations governing law firm websites . . . (more)  1/31/13

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