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Florida Judicial - COMMUNICATION

Judge may not add lawyers who may appear before the judge as “connections” on the “LinkedIn” professional networking site.  [Added 5/22/12]  -- Judicial Ethics Advisory Opinion 2012-12. 

Code of Judicial Conduct does not require judge to report possible criminal activity that judge learns of during judicial proceedings.  [Added 4/30/12]  -- Judicial Ethics Advisory Opinion 2012-11. 

Criminal conviction reversed due to trial judge’s ex parte communication with the prosecution.  [Added 2/28/12]  -- Howell v. State, 80 So.3d 441 (Fla. 4th DCA 2012).

 Judge ethically may permit arraignments to be broadcast by TV network but may not contract to provide "teaching segment" on the network.  [Added 11/29/11]  --  Judicial Ethics Advisory Opinion 2011-18. 

Judge ethically may not speak to judges' conference about case now on appeal that was presided over by judge.  [Added 11/4/11]  -- Judicial Ethics Advisory Opinion 2011-16. 

Judge engaged in improper ex parte communications by obtaining court reporter's help in determining contents of audio recording.  [Added 8/8/11]  --  H.L.D. v. State, 83 So.3d 750 (Fla. 5th DCA 2011). 

Order of contempt in child visitation case is reversed due to trial judge's independent investigation of facts.  [Added 3/15/11]  --  Albert v. Rogers, 57 So.3d 233 (Fla. 4th DCA 2011). 

Judge may create and maintain a website designed primarily to focus high school students on college or trade school preparation.  [Added 2/3/11]  --  Judicial Ethics Advisory Opinion 2011-01.